Our Dental Care Solutions

We are driven to focus on the patients’ needs. We believe that access to dental health care should be affordable and in a patient friendly environment. By using the right tools and equipping our staff with the right techniques, Oliver Dental Surgery is proud to have served patients in the past 14 years providing mini dental implants putting us in the forefront of mini dental experience, expertise and knowledge.

Mini Dental Implant

More about Mini Dental Implants

Minidental implants by its small size and a better method of introduction in the human jaw is very kind to the patient, very successful, almost no pain and the end result will be a more aesthetically good looking teeth. It is functional and allow a healthy set of teeth for the patient to eat well and look really good. It is affordable and will be the better choice for missing teeth when implants are considered.

Your dentist or specialist may offer to build up bone by taking bone from your hip, ribs or another part of your jaw. It will involve painful surgery and will not ensure success. So do you accept this offer or look out for a better alternative?