Mini Dental Implant

Since the introduction of regular sized (conventional) implants about 50 years ago, dental implants have spawned a multibillion dollar industry. With more than 200 companies worldwide offering a variety of dental implants and the wide margin of profit it can derive for the companies and the dentists, it is no wonder dental implants have been widely promoted as a panacea for missing teeth. However before the introduction of minidental implants the number of dentists worldwide offering this service remained approximately slightly above 2% The drawbacks and failures with conventional implants resulted in its very poor growth amongst dentists though conventional implant companies were actively promoting the use of implants.

We have placed in successfully Mini dental implants for fixed crowns and bridges. They look and feel natural. It functions as well as your teeth and look good and attractive.
Missing spaces in your mouth could be replaced with minis and natural looking porcelain bonded teeth for long term results.

Since the time it was introduced, more than 50 years ago, by a Swedish doctor – Ivor Branemark – the method to surgically place conventional implants proposed by this farsighted doctor has basically remained unchanged. His method was to cut the gums, expose the jaw bone, dig out a chunk of bone and place a metal (in this case titanium) stitch it up and hope that the body will accept it.

After a few months, it is then opened up again and if it takes (that is the bone “fuses” with it) only then you can fix artificial teeth or secure loose dentures as an anchor. As the amount of jaw bone is insufficient in most instances especially among Asians, methods were developed to take bone from other parts of the body to build bone or lift the floor of the sinus in the upper jaw and then build bone so that the process of “digging” etc could be undertaken.

Interestingly about 30 years ago – a dentist in America (who is already an expert dental implantologist) questioned the need for such a traumatic procedure, which resulted in many failures and drawbacks of placing implants. Looking for a better system he invented minidental implants.

It simplified the method, made it almost painless and with excellent results. This brought about the development and progress of minidental implants. Today minidental implants have become the fastest growing sector of dental implants in America and possibly worldwide.

Minidental implants by its small size and a better method of introduction in the human jaw is very kind to the patient, very successful, almost no pain and the end result will be a more aesthetically good looking teeth. It is functional and allow a healthy set of teeth for the patient to eat well and look really good. It is affordable and will be the better choice for missing teeth when implants are considered.

Having touched briefly on the historical aspect let me now address one of the many reasons why minis are a better choice.

Let me touch on bone volume.

There is a limited amount of bone in the human jaw. More so, if you have neglected and have missing teeth for many years. The jaw bone will simply shrink.

The larger conventional implants, in most cases, are just simply too large for patients.

Your dentist or specialist may offer to build up bone by taking bone from your hip, ribs or another part of your jaw. It will involve painful surgery and will not ensure success. So do you accept this offer or look out for a better alternative? As mini implants are smaller in diameter it can be utilized even in very thin areas of bone in your jaws. It will allow you the opportunity to have a better alternative to the conventional implants.

Mini implants can be inserted into minimal bone, in most instances, and new artificial teeth, usually made out of porcelain could be fixed over them. These mini implants could also be used to secure loose dentures especially the lower denture.

In the medical field minimally invasive procedures have made many major surgical procedures less traumatic and because of being minimally invasive healing is faster and better. Likewise in the use of mini implants healing is faster, less invasive and you keep most of your precious bone. Even conventional implant manufacturers are attempting to shrink their implant diameters so that it can be less invasive.

Mini implants have led the way to a better approach in implant placement.